2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD

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  • Overview

    A red 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD SLE is shown angled left.

    The truck market has always been a place where car companies make something to meet every need; since these vehicles are so often used for work, they know that people need a wide range of different abilities from their pickups. At one end of the spectrum, you have a growing number of compact trucks and midsize options like the GMC Canyon, for family use and to take camping or to the home-improvement center. At the other end, you will find absolute powerhouses like the 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD, which will haul the heaviest equipment over the roughest terrain. This is a beast of a truck that’s been designed to deliver incredible performance and plenty of muscle, giving you the power and capability you need to tackle any job.


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  • Incredible Power and Performance

    A red 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD AT4X is shown off-roading on a dirt path.

    For the 2024 model year, the GMC Sierra 3500 HD is better than ever, with powerful engines carefully designed for optimal power and capability. You have two engines available to you for the Sierra 3500 HD: a standard 6.6L V8 gas engine with 464 lb-ft of torque, or an available 6.6L Duramax Turbo-Diesel that roars to life with 975 lb-ft of torque. The diesel engine is the way to go if you need power beyond what most other trucks can offer, with a driving experience that keeps you in control at all times. For the 2024 model year, GMC’s engineers have improved combustion and overall performance with this diesel engine, providing greater low-end torque and improved power across its full operating speed range. You get the same Allison 10-speed automatic with this engine, which has been the standard pairing for some time now.

    No matter which engine you choose, you get an amazing driving experience that keeps the Sierra 3500 HD moving forward. Perhaps best of all, the Sierra 3500 HD has a dual rear-wheel (DRW) option available, giving you greater power and improved capability for fifth wheel towing.

    Previously, this engine came with a six-speed automatic, but that has been replaced with an Allison 10-speed automatic transmission that gives you smaller steps between gears for a better drive. The new transmission for the standard engine is a huge improvement for the GMC Sierra 3500 HD and one of our favorite updates that has not received much attention. It allows the truck with its gas engine to maintain optimal power for longer periods and improves the feel when towing or pushing up a hill. No matter what else you choose, you can get either 2WD or 4WD with either available engine, ensuring you get the kind of driving experience and traction you want. We should note, however, that the available AT4, Denali, and Denali Ultimate trims are only offered with 4WD, so keep that in mind.

  • Rugged Capability and Design

    A white 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD is shown towing a large black camper.

    The 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD is an undeniable workhorse when it comes to towing and payload, letting you take everything you need with you. When properly equipped with the available diesel engine and a DRW configuration, the Sierra 3500 HD can pull up to 36,000 lbs behind it with gooseneck or fifth wheel towing, leaving most other trucks in the dust.

    For many of us, the most important detail of any truck is how well it handles the kind of work we need it to do. People just looking for a truck for getting around town or running errands can use a wide range of options, but for folks looking to get some serious work done, a powerful pickup like the Sierra 3500 HD is essential. This truck is as vital as any other tool we rely on to get our jobs done. Whether you are looking to load up the bed with a bunch of tools and supplies or haul a trailer full of lumber to a job site, the 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD is up to the task.

    You have several important decisions to make when it comes to configuring your truck for the best capability and performance possible. The engine you choose—either standard gas or available turbo-diesel—is critical, but so is whether you go with a 2WD or 4WD version. Similarly, your choice of cab size (regular, double, or crew) also impacts how much weight your truck can handle. Finally, since the Sierra 3500 HD has a DRW configuration available, this is very important for maximum payload and fifth wheel towing potential. Putting this all together creates very different capabilities for your next truck.

    For example, a GMC Sierra 3500 HD with a regular cab, gas engine, 2WD, and single rear wheels can handle up to 4,583 lbs of maximum payload or haul up to 14,500 lbs behind it when towing normally. By comparison, that same regular cab version with 2WD, but with a DRW setup instead, offers up to 7,290 lbs of max payload capacity—it also boosts max conventional towing to 18,800 lbs. You can see that’s a huge difference in payload, but fifth wheel towing is even more dramatic. A Sierra 3500 with a regular cab, 2WD, single rear wheels, and a gas engine can tow 19,150 lbs with a gooseneck setup; switch to a version with a DRW configuration and the diesel engine, and you get up to 36,000 lbs of maximum fifth wheel towing.

  • Gorgeous and Luxurious Interior

    A man is shown looking at the infotainment screen in a 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD.

    GMC is well known for making powerful, hard-working trucks that you can count on day after day to help you get your job done. They do not stop there, however, since they are also legends at making some of the most refined and sophisticated pickups on the market. Working hard does not make the Sierra 3500 a bare-bones truck.

    The 2024 GMC Sierra 3500 HD is an excellent example of comfort and even elegance in a work truck, with all but the starting trim coming with a gorgeous 12.3-inch GMC Premium Infotainment system featuring Google built-in. This system supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it easy to listen to your music however you like. You get a six-speaker sound system, cloth seating, and a 12.3-inch color Driver Information Center.

    As great as these features are, the real star of the Sierra Tech Show is the new Denali Ultimate trim, available for the first time on GMC Sierra HD models, including the 3500 HD. The Sierra 3500's top trim level comes standard with an incredible 12-speaker Bose Premium Series sound system and a Richbass woofer, along with full-grain leather seating featuring 16-way power front seats with power lumbar and massage functionality. You also get heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, and a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel. Driving becomes even more convenient with a 15-inch color Head-Up Display, a wireless charging pad, and dual-zone automatic climate control.

    This opulent new trim includes a power sunroof, giving you a gorgeous view of the sky overhead while you drive, plus a rear camera mirror with a full-camera display. You get a premium microsuede headliner with A- and B-pillar trim, plus leather-wrapped A- and B-pillar handles. Throw in full-grain leather-wrapped door panels for added style, with etched stainless-steel speaker grilles on that incredible Bose sound system, and you have an interior beyond anything else we have ever seen for a GMC Sierra HD truck. It might seem overboard for some, but if you spend much of your day in your truck, then you deserve to do it right.

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