2022 Chevy Spark

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  • Overview

    A blue 2022 Chevy Spark is angled left.

    Extremely affordable, impossibly small, and easy to drive, the 2022 Chevy Spark is rife with possibilities. It's downright cheap enough to be a young driver's first vehicle or any adult's most affordable way to get around, but what it lacks in price, it doesn't lack in excitement. This Chevy is as fun to drive and saturated with tech as its electric name (and peppy design) would suggest.

    On the outside, the latest Spark is a subcompact hatchback with a daring-faced front end and crisp, aerodynamic side panels. The generous, curved windshield tapers back to a boxy, cargo-optimized trunk. It's available in many stylish colors, too, including Mystic Blue, Nitro Yellow, and Silver Ice. Clearly, this car leans toward a younger demographic, but its mass appeal makes it suitable to all who would consider it.

    Sure, this small and peppy car isn't for the competitive racer or the thousand-pound hauler, but it's a great commuter vehicle for anybody else. Those not drawn in by the shocking price tag of only $13,600 or its 38 MPG highway fuel economy may love its contemporary cabin.* Inside, the 2022 Chevy Spark is sleek, comfortable, and styled to reflect its array of tech features.

    Chevrolet has long been America's favorite auto brand. Given its commitment to maximum quality and minimum price, it's no great wonder why. The 2022 Spark is Chevy's value proposition to the extreme: rock-bottom prices and many loveable perks. Read on to take a closer look inside the latest Chevy Spark, including top features we love—that you will, too.


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  • Driving

    An orange 2022 Chevy Spark is shown from the side driving on a city street.

    Easy Handling

    One of the best performance features of the 2022 Chevy Spark is its gearless continuously variable automatic transmission. Smooth to accelerate and fuel-efficient, it makes for comfortable drives. However, you can also choose an available five-speed manual transmission for a more sporty, thrilling experience. Plus, the manual transmission comes standard in the base model—a great entry for those eager to learn to "drive stick."

    Forget the stress that comes with driving and parking a bulky vehicle. The 2022 Spark is sharp, maneuverable, and compact enough to zip through the busiest urban traffic. Parking is made easy thanks to the clear sightlines, small wheelbase, and compact body. Even parallel parking is a breeze in the sharp-steering Spark, which can slip into spots others must pass up. But, if you want more confidence as you drive, you can add on some smart safety assistance.

    Safe and Efficient

    A tight turning radius and compact body make maneuvering the 2022 Chevy Spark fun and easy. Feedback is tuned for your enjoyment, so you feel direct interaction with the roadway before you. It's an exciting way to take on your commute. And, unlike older hatchbacks, this version has balanced weight to reduce rollover risk. For enhanced safety, braking is firm and responsive, sharply reducing speeds to prevent collisions.

    One of the greatest reasons to drive the Spark, though, lies in its high fuel economy. Such a sprightly and charming vehicle seems unlikely to guzzle gas, yet its economy ratings may still surprise you, getting up to 30 MPG in city traffic and up to 38 MPG highway. Unlike the progenitor economy cars of the 2000s era, the 2022 Chevy Spark is designed to handle highway traffic. In fact, that's where it earns the best mileage!

  • Cabin

    A close up shows the black front leather seats in a 2022 Chevy Spark.

    Comfortable Interior Design

    Driving the 2022 Chevy Spark is immersive and unique. Low to the ground, with a broad windshield and compact cabin, you may anticipate adventure when you enter the cockpit. The design is characteristically Chevy, thanks to its light chrome accents and leaf-like shapes. Dark paneling in a variety of textures adds an illusion of depth, so you never feel cramped.

    There are surprisingly two rows of seats in the 2022 Spark, which can comfortably seat up to four passengers. The front seats have an upright position that promotes good driving posture, alongside generous headroom. As for storage, there are convenient, deep cubbies in the center console and a handy shelf above the impossibly deep glove box. Between the two upright back seats, passengers can share a wide center console tray, which doubles as an armrest.

    There's no shortage of cargo space, despite the Spark's subcompact size. Fold down the rear seats to employ up to 27.2 cu ft of storage. Whether you commute to work in the Spark, load up to explore the open road, or even move to a new apartment, this miniature Chevy still offers the cargo space you need. Sure, Chevy's gargantuan pickup trucks and SUVs may have enormous storage potential. However, the Spark is designed for everyday use and provides the volume most people actually need.

    Premium Interior Options

    While even the rock-bottom-priced base model has premium cabin materials, you can choose from a variety of cabin designs as you explore the trims. These include black leatherette seats in the sporty ACTIV trim, which resembles the sleek appearance of leather but is hardier and doesn't get brittle. The leatherette trim adds visual accents and the illusion of larger seats in the 2LT trim. You also enjoy a heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel with bold stitching. Contemporary and bold, the available three-spoke silver accents accent the Spark's modernity.

    If you prefer a more artful, signature design, add the instrument panel trim plate. This optional feature comes in many contrasting colors: Piano Black, White, Beige, or Blue. The cuboidal pattern and sleek shape craft a cunning ambiance unlike anything else in the auto world today.

  • Features

    A person is shown using Carplay in a 2022 Chevy Spark.

    Smart Design

    The subcompact hatchback 2022 Spark is often classified as an "economy car" or even a "smart car." While the latter term has fallen out of fashion (and has been trademarked), it bears remembering in this case. After all, the latest Chevy Spark is laden with smart features to enhance and protect your driving experience.

    For one, the cabin is enhanced with features like an engine immobilizer––a state-of-the-art anti-theft system. Keyless entry and ignition save you time and are built into the 2LT trim model. An available power sunroof not only looks sleek but lets some fresh air and sunlight into your 2022 Spark.

    Two USB ports enable all your modern charging needs, and a host of optional cargo tools enable easy smartphone storage. There's even a 12-volt outlet set below the center dashboard to charge accessories that don't fit a USB port. You'll want to keep your smart devices handy to enjoy the Wi-Fi hotspot, available in all 2022 Spark models.

    Standard Infotainment

    No matter which brand you use, your smartphone is compatible with the Spark's fun-to-use infotainment device, a colorful 7" touchscreen. Link your phone with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to stream your favorite music, podcasts, ebooks, etc. Cycle through user settings if your car has multiple drivers and even make hands-free phone calls or connect devices to the infotainment screen via Bluetooth technology to share media. You can also access satellite radio services if you upgrade to the 1LT trim. What's more, this trim also enhances your audio system for crisp, surround sound.

    If you'd like, drivers can also use a rotary knob or convenient buttons for cycling through Chevy's intuitive infotainment interface. Menus are laid out simply and are quick to navigate, so even the tech-averse can easily explore all possibilities. Even better, steering wheel-mounted controls enable total control over your driving experience without the need to remove your hands from the steering wheel.

    The infotainment device is also where you can access OnStar Services, Chevy's subscription-based concierge service. Get emergency assistance, ask questions from a live representative, and even get real-time navigation instructions. OnStar Automatic Crash Response immediately submits data to a service center and alerts local emergency services. For a demonstration or to learn more about this subscription, visit simply talk to the team here at Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC.

    Safety Features

    There's even more available safety tech to enjoy in the 2022 Spark, including forward collision alert. Paired with automatic emergency braking, this safety tech responds to obstacles to prevent a crash. Add on lane departure warning to visualize road lanes in real-time and keep your Spark on track. The optional rear parking sensors, meanwhile, alert you to obstacles (like other vehicles) when you're in reverse.

    Of course, you can also inspect your surroundings via the standard rear-view camera, with crisp visuals streamed through your infotainment screen. Ten airbags provide comprehensive protection in the event of a crash. To protect drivers in harsh conditions, stability and traction control monitor the wheels and braking system.

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