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Used cars are big business. Many Shelbyville residents are looking for affordable, quality used vehicles from the right dealership. However, it's not always easy finding the right kind of vehicle due to some shoddy characters in the marketplace. This is why when you need a used car, you can trust the experts at Newton Chevrolet GMC. We can not only help you find the right kind of used car, but we will get you a reliable vehicle at a price you won't find at any other Shelbyville used car dealership.

We have the most knowledgeable sales team and finance department primed and ready to help you with your used car shopping experience. We promise to make the process as easy and consumer-friendly as possible as you search for, find, finance, and purchase the vehicle you've always wanted or the vehicle you absolutely need. We make it a priority to carry the best used cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market at the best prices for the ultimate value.

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What Should You Know Before Visiting a Used Car Lot?

Figuring out what to shop for is an important step before committing to buying a used vehicle. Our customers often have it in their mind that they want to buy something, but when they visit us, they are not sure what they want to buy because they don't know what they need. Don't worry about it; at Newton Chevrolet GMC, we're here to help you figure out what type of used car will work best for you and what features will make you the happiest as you drive around the Shelbyville area.

Before you make the trip to our dealership, think about the body style and type of vehicle you feel best suits you. Are you looking for an efficient commuter with good handling? Then we’d suggest checking out a used sedan like the Chevy Malibu, Nissan Altima, or Honda Civic. Do you need something sturdy and work-oriented? In that case, a used truck like the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, or Ford F-150 will likely be the best fit. Perhaps you need a vehicle that can do a little of everything? A used SUV like the Chevy Equinox or Chevy Traverse might be just what you need.

Even if you know what kind of body style and model you want, you will need to decide on the features and trims. Every model comes with an array of different trims and options, which can make the basic vehicle a little more luxurious, sporty, or off-road ready. For instance, if you are looking for a used Chevy Silverado 1500, then the Trail Boss trim will give you an off-roader ready to conquer the back roads of Tennessee, while the High Country trim is a luxury truck that will make commuting along Highway 231 a dream.

Knowing the ins and outs of every used car we sell can take a lot of research, so we suggest making a list of the features that appeal to you, such as power-adjustable seats, a moonroof, or automatic emergency braking. If you can tell our team exactly what features you want in your next vehicle, we can point you in the right direction. With our large inventory, the odds are that we have at least one used car that will fit the bill perfectly!

Keep in mind that even if you don't know exactly what you want or the features that should be included, that is no problem at all. At Newton Chevrolet GMC, we're here to help you find a used vehicle that works for you. This means going through the ins and outs of features that you find appealing and working around a feature list that agrees with your budget.

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What Kind of Used Cars Do We Sell? All Kinds

Our priorities extend beyond just being helpful and friendly, even though those are extremely important priorities to have. We also take the task of providing high-quality vehicles to Shelbyville shoppers very seriously. It's why we have all kinds of used cars, trucks, and SUVs on our lot, from a variety of makes and models.

You can find just about every vehicle imaginable here on our lot. We carry multiple brands from various model years, including different trims to fit your preferences and budget. While Chevy and GMC are our favorite brands, that doesn’t mean they are the only ones you will find in our used car inventory. A quick look around our lot will reveal a number of other domestic brands, such as Ford and Jeep, as well as plenty of import brands, from Nissan and Kia to Toyota and Volkswagen. Our inventory changes all the time, but you are guaranteed to find a diverse selection of used cars.

We also make sure to stock different vehicles at different price points for every single kind of car shopper. Whether you are looking for an older used car at an affordable price or a late model used car that still has some of its factory warranty remaining, we have vehicles that will fit the bill. You can even find used luxury cars and sports cars on our lot. From a pre-owned Cadillac SUV to a used Chevy Camaro, these models are perfect for cruising the streets of Shelbyville in style.

Our used car lineup includes large family-friendly models for those who need something to shuttle many passengers, as well as economical SUVs, full-size trucks, and compact cars. We go out of our way to ensure that whatever you're looking for, we have it in stock here at Newton Chevrolet GMC.

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Some Of Our Most Popular Used Models

We love our diverse selection of vehicles. This passion should drive all dealerships. As such, we are pleased to offer you an impressively versatile inventory of pre-owned vehicles not only from Chevy and GMC but from all of your favorite leading brands. We’ve got many popular options to choose from, so whatever you’re looking for, we think you’ll be able to find it here at Newton. Here are just a few of our most popular models to choose from.

Nothing says popular and fun vehicles like a Jeep, and we would be more than happy to get you set up with your very own. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most acclaimed vehicles of all time, thanks to its iconic design features and premium off-roading capabilities. The Wrangler has always been an icon of American automobiles, but Jeep isn’t done leading the way yet! 2019 was an exciting year for Jeep because they brought back a nameplate that had retired decades ago: the Gladiator. This time it looks a bit different because Jeep has essentially turned the Wrangler into a pickup truck with this new Gladiator. Imagine having that iconic Jeep style and the best off-roading capabilities you’ll find anywhere, but it’s a pickup truck. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore because the Gladiator is here and has been dominating the road since its triumphant return.

Speaking of pickup trucks, the Chevy Silverado is one of the most ideal workhorses you’ll find on the market. Just because we’re a Chevy dealer doesn’t mean that all of our Chevy’s are new; we want to offer you these great vehicles at the prices you need. It's hard to find performance specs like the Silverado’s anywhere else on the market. The only place to go for better performance specs than the Silverado is the Ford F-150, which we also have waiting for you. As the pioneer of American automation, Ford has over a century of excellence behind it, and we are pleased to offer you a variety of vehicles from this great brand.

If you’re looking for something smaller than a pickup, we have plenty of used mid-size vehicles and sedans. Nissan is known for its ability to combine luxury, performance, and affordability, and we’ve got their luxury sedans ready for a test drive right now. Everything from the compact Versa, the luxurious Maxima, to the all-electric LEAF have all proven to be popular sedans in the used market, and for a good reason. If you need something a little bit bigger than a sedan, GMC has fantastic mid-size vehicles, which include the brand’s iconic performance while staying away from the girth of their larger vehicles. We’ll happily get you behind the wheel of a Terrain or an Acadia, both of which are a favorite among those searching for a used SUV that balances power and reliability. There's a used vehicle for every type of driver, and our selection reflects that.

Make Car-Buying Faster and Easier With Newton Fastpass

Car buying should be fun. Car buying can be fun. Unfortunately, for many people, their experience boils down to an exhausting amount of laborious paperwork, long waiting processes, and frustration after frustration. Here at Newton Chevy GMC, we have a solution for you with the Newton Fastpass. Our special fastpass program allows you to take care of all your paperwork online so that you don’t have to get bogged down at our dealership taking care of the boring part. We want you to be able to do it on your own time from the comfort of your own home.

Now, in today’s world, many businesses are offering online options because they’ve realized that they would rather keep you at a distance and take your money from you without actually interacting with you. That is not the case with the Newton Fastpass. If you prefer to take care of your paperwork here at the dealership, you are more than welcome any time, and we’ll have a place for you to take care of everything. However, we want you to have the choice to make your car purchasing experience comfortable. That is why Newton Fastpass allows you to take care of as much or as little you’d like online. We don’t want to make this program an all-or-nothing deal for you. If you’d like to take care of certain documents online and others here at the dealership with us, you are more than welcome to construct the process however you’d like.

We don’t want to tell you how this process will go; we want to give that power to you. The control is in your hands, allowing you to create a car-buying experience that is unique to you. With Newton Fastpass, you can begin the process before stepping into our dealership by reviewing crucial information like financing rates, arranging a monthly payment plan that fits your budget, valuing your trade vehicle, and even setting up a test drive. So, whether you prefer working from home with coffee in your favorite mug by your side, or if you like the energy of our dealership, you’re free to take care of these important steps wherever you’d like.

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Concerned About Payment Options? Let Our Finance Center Help

Our mission is to get you behind the wheel of your perfect vehicle. We don’t believe that finances need to be an obstacle to doing this. Communication is the most important thing because if we communicate, we can work out any struggles and find a solution to any obstacles. You don’t have to figure everything out alone.

That is why we will work with your bank to devise a financing plan that works for you. We don’t want you paying more than you have to; our finance center is here to ensure that your payments stay as low as possible and that you are well taken care of. There will always be people and organizations trying to get money from you that doesn’t belong to them, and we want to make sure that you are treated fairly. Purchasing a vehicle shouldn’t be a source of stress for the driver; the dealership is the one who needs to step in and work out the kinks, and we view that as our job here at Newton Chevrolet GMC. So, if you need some help with financing, talk to us. Let our financing department know the situation, and we’ll work together to get you into that ideal vehicle.

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Our Service and Parts Keep Your Vehicle Running

Even after you buy a used vehicle, the process of vehicle ownership doesn't end there. You still need to keep your vehicle running and maintained. This means scheduling service visits for your vehicle to receive regular maintenance. You're in luck because here at Newton Chevrolet GMC, we have certified technicians ready to keep your vehicle maintained to factory standards.

From taking care of basic oil changes and tire rotations to recalls and repairs, our service center can handle it all. We have the tools and experience it takes to keep your vehicle running like new. And as a Chevy and GMC dealer, we have the knowledge to do things right the first time. Your car is a large investment that is necessary to get to work, school, or just run errands around Shelbyville. Why not protect that investment and keep yourself from being stranded by visiting the best service center in the Shelbyville area?

We also offer a large selection of different parts in stock, all available to order directly from our website. This lets you get genuine factory parts for your vehicle, ensuring it runs as the engineers intended. We have all sorts of components for repairs, upgrades, and updates, as well as factory accessories. Our online parts order form makes it easy to order what you need, or you can contact us by phone, email, or in person to ensure everything is in proper order.

It’s You, Our Customers, That Make The Difference

So what sets us apart from other Shelbyville dealers? Is it our impressive inventory of new and used vehicles? There certainly is that, but that’s not even the most important thing. The most important thing is you. A dealership should never try to manipulate a customer out of self-interest. Our job is to listen to you and serve you. There is a high chance that some of you have had a bad dealership experience in the past. We are sorry for whatever it was that caused you to have a negative experience, and we want you to communicate to us what you are looking for in a dealership so that you can conduct the process on your terms and not ours.

Sometimes it can feel like change is impossible, but that is not the case. Our mission is to change your dealership experience and show you what a car dealership can be and ought to be. We are very thankful to be able to serve our Shelbyville community, and we want to make you, our Shelbyville drivers, our number one priority. Whether that comes in the form of selling you a vehicle, conducting maintenance service on your current vehicle, or getting you the parts you need, we’re happy to get the job done for you. We don’t want to just sell you a vehicle, take your money, and wave goodbye as you drive away. We want to develop a relationship with you so that you can keep coming back to us for whatever needs arise as you continue driving throughout the Shelbyville area.

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