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At Newton Chevrolet GMC, we aim to serve our community with an excellent selection of models. GMC's steadfast dedication to building reliable, innovative, and capable models makes our jobs easier, especially the role we play as your GMC SUV dealer. SUVs like the Acadia, Yukon, and Terrain are spacious and accommodating for passengers and cargo, but they defy the standards of performance expected of most SUVs. They’re engaging, dynamic, and fun to drive.

Just as GMC’s best-selling SUVs defy every expectation of the segment, Newton Chevrolet GMC shares that penchant for rebellion. We don’t believe in accepting the status quo and are determined to change your entire experience. In fact, that’s our motto and vision for the future: to “change your experience.”

The dealership experience is long overdue for a shift in perspective, and we’re here to deliver. Buying a GMC should be exciting and rewarding, but the traditional dealership experience overshadows that excitement by relying on outdated practices and high-pressure sales. You won’t find that experience at Newton Chevrolet GMC; instead, you'll discover an environment where our passion for the GMC lineup is contagious. Moreover, our commitment to transparency and integrity makes it easy to thoroughly enjoy your time with us and the entire process, from finding the perfect GMC SUV to protecting your investment every mile down the road.

A black 2023 GMC Yukon is shown driving on a tree lined road.

Why Choose a GMC?

Choosing a GMC means something in America; it means investing in an automotive brand that helped put the country on wheels. GMC traces its roots to the early 1900s when Max Grabowsky sold the truck he built to the American Garment Cleaning Company. Within a few years, Grabowsky’s truck went into production under the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company banner and soon caught the attention of William C. Durant, the founder of General Motors.

Durant purchased stock in the truck company and brought it under the GM umbrella, making it one of the earliest acquisitions to lay the foundation for the multinational automaker we know today. Within a year, the Rapid truck made headlines when it ascended Pike’s Peak in 1909. By 1912, the GMC logo officially debuted and sealed the company’s fate in the fiercely competitive landscape of the American automotive industry.

Since then, GMC has proven its pioneering spirit time and time again. The automaker doesn’t require drivers to settle for capability over luxury or affordability. Instead, GMC lets us have it all in SUVs like the Acadia and Yukon. These models further prove that practicality and versatility can be sophisticated, refined, and engaging. In doing so, GMC gives us a splendid lineup renowned for its no-compromise approach to reliability, innovation, affordability, and unmistakable opulence.

New or Used, We Have a GMC for You

Think about the last time you purchased a vehicle and how many dealerships you visited before you found the perfect model at a fair price. What if you didn’t have to waste time shopping around? At Newton Chevrolet GMC, we make that possible with the best selection of new and used GMCs in the area.

Changing your experience starts behind the scenes with building our inventory to ensure there’s something for everyone on our lot. Our new inventory features the latest from GMC, from full-size SUVs like the Yukon to versatile models like the Acadia and Terrain. These models are appealing because they offer an array of cutting-edge technology and premium conveniences, showcasing GMC’s position as an industry leader.

While these new models are attractive, budget-savvy shoppers will find plenty of options that don’t require them to settle for less. Our team works diligently to guarantee as much by thoroughly vetting every model before adding it to our inventory. This vetting process gives you the confidence to say “yes” to any GMC SUV, knowing you're getting the best model at a great price. Our transparency and work ethic guarantee it!

A close up shows a rim on a black 2023 GMC Acadia Denali.

Acadia Overview

With the SUV craze continuing throughout the late 1990s and new millennium, GMC responded by replacing the outdated Safari minivan and lackluster Envoy SUV with the all-new Acadia. The full-size crossover made a lasting first impression when it debuted in 2007. It appealed to the minivan-averse with its larger footprint, proving luxury and versatility could peacefully cohabitate in a family-oriented SUV.

The Acadia carved its niche in the GMC lineup with its engaging driving demeanor and luxurious interior replete with premium materials, intricate detailing, modern conveniences, and the latest technologies. The combination has sealed the Acadia’s fate, with GMC fine tuning its design throughout the first generation. By 2018, the Acadia started the second chapter in its journey, this time as a midsize crossover.

By taking the Acadia from a full-size to a midsize crossover, GMC positions the Acadia against rivals like the Ford Explorer and Edge. While the rivalry between the automakers has defined the industry since the 1900s, the Acadia nullifies the competition with its versatility, agility, and high-value packaging. It’s engaging and fun to drive, but it’s also sleek and sophisticated. This combination guarantees drivers no longer have to settle for anything less than extraordinary in an SUV designed to meet and exceed every expectation.

The 2023 Acadia

The Acadia maintains its presence in the GMC lineup and positions itself between the Terrain and Yukon. For 2023, GMC adds to the Acadia’s appeal by introducing new exterior colors like Volcanic Red Tintcoat, Sterling Metallic, and Ultra Blue Metallic to the SUV’s palette. Another notable change for 2023 is the SLT, AT4, and Denali trims come standard with a premium wrapped steering wheel with integrated audio and cruise controls for added convenience.

Beyond these updates, the Acadia impresses with its versatility and broad appeal across its four-trim lineup. The SLE and SLT are value-oriented base models equipped with the GMC infotainment system, the GMC Pro Safety Plus package, and a turbocharged 2.0L engine that delivers 228 hp. Although these trims are impressive, the Acadia has more to offer with the AT4 and Denali.

The AT4 has a penchant for adventure with its off-road design cues, Active Torque Control AWD system, and performance features like GMC’s Traction Select System, Hill Start Assist, and Hill Descent Control. The Denali sits on the opposite end of the spectrum and is the pinnacle of luxury. The top-tier trim features leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seating, and every connectivity, safety, and driver-assist feature imaginable.

Yukon Overview

The Yukon traces its roots to the 1980s when GMC and Chevrolet debuted sibling SUVs to accommodate different driving needs. While Chevy capitalized on the Blazer and its smaller S-10 counterpart, GMC gave drivers ample choices with the Jimmy and the S-15. The pairs proved lucrative for GMC, giving customers viable options without forcing them to look beyond the GMC lineup.

By the 1990s, GMC revived interest in the Jimmy by rebadging the full-size SUV as the Yukon. By shedding the Jimmy name, the Yukon debuted as a new model but shared many features, like the Jimmy’s two-door design and shorter wheelbase. This blend gave the Yukon a distinct advantage because it appealed to drivers loyal to the Jimmy and those looking for a more modern SUV, particularly one equipped with the latest technology and features.

Over the years, the Yukon has further distinguished itself from its predecessor beyond its four-door design. It stands alone as GMC’s only full-size SUV, not needing a sibling to add to its appeal. Instead, it’s the complete package, with its functional layout and capable powertrains transforming it into a sophisticated and agile road warrior capable of handling every driving demand. Its comforts, conveniences, and technologies add to its appeal, making the Yukon one of the most sought-after models in the segment.

A close up shows a headlight on a black 2023 GMC Yukon Denali.

The 2023 Yukon

The 2023 Yukon continues its reign as the largest SUV in the fleet. For 2023, GMC makes a few significant upgrades that enhance the Yukon’s value and appeal. For example, new wheel designs and exterior colors like Sterling Metallic, Titanium Rush Metallic, Volcanic Red Tintcoat, and Frosted Pine Metallic distinguish the lineup. Top-tier trims like the Yukon Denali also introduce advanced technology, like Enhanced Automatic Parking Assist and Super Cruise, an industry-leading driver-assist system that's hands-free.

Apart from these updates, you can expect the 2023 Yukon to deliver everything expected of a full-size SUV that bears the GMC name. Trims like the AT4 are ready for the trail with standard four-wheel drive but don’t require sacrificing comfort or ride quality with available upgrades like the Four Corner Air Ride Adaptive Suspension. Moreover, the AT4’s independent rear suspension improves how it handles technical terrain but also gives third-row passengers more room, making the Yukon AT4 the ultimate family-friendly adventurer.

Of course, the Denali is synonymous with luxury, and 2023 is no exception. The trim oozes opulence with its leather-appointed seating, chrome detailing, and heated and ventilated seating. It also introduces the fourth generation of GMC’s renowned Magnetic Ride Control, making it the most comfortable and smooth-riding SUV in the segment.

Terrain Overview

GMC introduced the Terrain in 2010 on the heels of the Acadia’s success in expanding the automaker’s fleet of SUVs. With the Acadia positioned below the Yukon, GMC gave drivers a more agile and versatile SUV with the smaller Terrain. The midsize crossover quickly assumed its position, asserting itself as a luxury-oriented crossover offering the reliability, capability, and opulence characteristic of the GMC name.

The Terrain has aged gracefully over the years, with its first-generation seeing several updates to its powertrains and trims to make it more capable, responsible, and tech-savvy. By 2018, GMC had even bigger plans for the Terrain and reintroduced the model as a compact crossover. Its smaller footprint added to its versatility without compromising passenger and cargo comforts and capacities. Instead, the model showcases GMC's keen attention to detail and success at delivering functional luxury.

Since its debut, the Terrain has established itself as a worthy contender in a fiercely competitive segment. It’s renowned for its responsiveness and comfortable ride, just as much as it's praised for its expansive suite of features and technologies. With each new model year, GMC makes its packaging more enticing by frequently updating its engines to blend efficiency and performance without sending its price mile-high.

A red 2022 GMC Terrain is shown from the front driving on an open road after leaving a GMC SUV dealer.

The 2023 Terrain

GMC makes several significant upgrades to the Terrain for 2023. Despite being the smallest in the lineup, the Terrain makes a lasting impression with its expanded exterior color palette, including Volcanic Red Tintcoat, Sterling Metallic, and Deep Bronze Metallic. The restyled 19-inch Gloss Black wheels further distinguish the Elevation Edition, which is available on the SLE and SLT trims.

The Terrain also sees an increase in horsepower, with its standard 1.5L turbocharged engine producing 175 hp as the nine-speed automatic transmission provides smooth shifting and a broad band of power. The increased output pairs exceptionally well with trims like the AT4 and its all-wheel drive capability. The combination is stellar, with advanced features like an expansive head-up display adding to the AT4’s allure and encouraging you to confidently explore the unknown.

You can expect the same agility across the Terrain lineup, whether you opt for an entry-level SLE, SLT, or the luxurious Denali. The trims feature the best GMC offers, from connectivity features like wireless smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to Amazon Alexa Built In and navigational tools. You’ll also find plenty of safety and driver-assist tools in the standard GMC Pro Safety and available GMC Pro Safety Plus suites.

Why Choose Newton Chevrolet GMC?

Choosing a GMC SUV is one of the easiest decisions to make because you know what you’re getting–a reliable road warrior that can withstand the demands of the road, accommodate all your driving needs, and do so with an air of sophistication and refinement. But what is the second most important decision you’ll make after you decide a GMC SUV is perfect for you? Your next step is to choose the best dealership.

A dealership sets the tone for the entire customer experience. A pushy salesperson can immediately put a customer on edge when they arrive, just as an onslaught of gimmicks can leave a buyer hesitant or suspicious of the deal. A scoreboard of commissions can be another deterrent because it reveals the team’s focus is on the sale rather than the customer.

At Newton Chevrolet GMC, we dare to be different with our promise to change your experience. We’re here to put you at ease, operating on transparency and integrity so that there’s no doubt our focus is entirely on you. While we’re in the business of selling cars, trucks, and SUVs, we take pride in building relationships that last a lifetime. This approach has earned us numerous honors and a stellar reputation throughout the region.

You’ll see our commitment to changing your experience in many other ways, even before you arrive. For example, our Newton Fastpass program makes it possible to buy a GMC SUV from the comfort of your couch or the convenience of your office. We realize your time is valuable, so Newton Fastpass lets you navigate the pre-purchase process before you ever set foot in the dealership. You can finetune the details of your down payment, estimate your monthly payments, value your trade, apply for pre-approval, and scan required documents like your driver’s license to jumpstart the process. Then, once you’re here, it’s a matter of finalizing the details and tossing you the keys.

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