Why Is Tire Alignment Service Important for Your Vehicle?

Mechanic aligning tires

Spotting an alignment issue in your vehicle is pretty easy. When you are driving on a straightaway, do you notice your vehicle drifting to one side? If so, your alignment probably needs to be checked.

A tire alignment service can be costly without a special offer or service coupon from Newton Chevrolet Buick GMC, but its benefits outweigh the costs. Having a properly aligned car is important for stable and accurate handling of the vehicle, which is paramount to safety while driving. If misalignment is not handled quickly, it could cause further problems and service repair costs.

Areas Affected by Proper & Regular Tire Alignment Maintenance:

Gas Efficiency
Your vehicle will have to work harder to maintain straightness when the tires are not aligned, resulting in greater fuel consumption. At its worst, misalignment can lower fuel efficiency by 10%.

Tire Wear
Without proper alignment, your car’s tires are essentially being pulled straight, which means there is more pressure causing premature wear on your tires’ treads.

Blowouts & Flats
If the wear on your tires’ treads goes unnoticed, the worn tire is more susceptible to punctures, loss of pressure, and sudden “blowouts.” Blowouts can lead to vehicle damage and even accidents.

Signs of Misalignment:

While a final opinion on your tire alignment should be from a certified alignment technician, you can look for the signs, primarily drifting to one side & uneven treadwear on your tires.

Steps of Prevention:

You can take steps to avoid “knocking” your alignment into misalignment–avoid curbs & potholes, keep regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, and avoid accidents. This will keep you from paying the costs that coming with prolonged misalignments. Instead, you’ll pay for your tire alignment to be fixed when the service technician tells you that it is needed. If you need further help paying for your service needs, we offer financing for our service customers.

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